Let The Light In

In Feb 2020 Shama released her third studio album, ‘Let The Light In’ (NarRator Records) – as ‘Shama and Friends’.

This is a wonderfully collaborative creative endeavour with musicians from all over Europe. Composed, improvised and recorded over two years on the shores of beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary, it features incredible instrumentalists and composers from France, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, and ofcourse the UK. Diverse in inspiration and unified in Shama’s distinctive style of cross-genre sitar-embedded multicultural sound.

“A sort of general theme in the album is going from darkness into lightness. The idea behind it is that only through dark times, where things break down, can you see the gaps through which the light can shine.” she says, inspired by Leonard Cohen.

‘Let The Light In’ will be launched in The Post Bar in London on the 29th of February, where Shama will start a tour around Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Truth BeTold

‘Truth BeTold’ is a multimedia approach to Sitar Storytelling: music, cabaret/libretto performance & digital experience.

The album takes the listener on a trance-like transformative journey told through personal life experiences of childhood, revolution, disillusionment & love. This is embodied through flowing water forms gathered from around the world over the past three years – from melting rivers and falling rain to the terrible calm beauty of the sea. These life stages are thematically arranged into three chapters reflecting Sufi poet Rumi’s questions:

Is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

You can hear sample tasters from the new album individually on this site where there is a bit more of a description.

You can find the album Fable:Time at my BandCamp page here

Thank you to my supporters for a successful Kickstarter campaign, which was 150% funded here (10 April to 10 May 2016).


Fable:Time was released on 16 June 2013. Each song on the album unveils a chapter in an overall story about how time affects us – its illusions, deceptions and myths. The album mimics the non-linearity of time and is on a circular track listing. A series of eight videos developed to accompany the tracks. The album received critical acclaim from Gilles Peterson.

You can find the album Fable:Time at my BandCamp page here.