Truth BeTold – Coming Soon

‘Truth BeTold’ is a multimedia approach to Sitar Storytelling: music, cabaret/libretto performance & digital experience.

The album takes the listener on a trance-like transformative journey told through personal life experiences of childhood, revolution, disillusionment & love. This is embodied through flowing water forms gathered from around the world over the past three years – from melting rivers and falling rain to the terrible calm beauty of the sea. These life stages are thematically arranged into three chapters reflecting Sufi poet Rumi’s questions:

Is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

You can hear sample tasters from the new album individually on this site – where there is a bit more of a description and you can sign up to receive favourite complete track free.

Or you can get a quick overview of the tracks in a sample playlist on SoundCloud here.


Fable:Time 2013

Fable:Time was released on 16 June 2013. Each song on the album unveils a chapter in an overall story about how time affects us – its illusions, deceptions and myths. The album mimics the non-linearity of time and is on a circular track listing. A series of eight videos developed to accompany the tracks. The album received critical acclaim from Gilles Peterson.

You can find the album Fable:Time at my BandCamp page here.